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Le Brillant

cause this charade's never going to last

Every heart is like a house on fire with escape routes in every room
My birthname is ChiauYee, and I was given the nickname Joie when I was in Britain (they could not pronounce my name). Alexandra is the person I wish to be, like an alter ego. I'm in Malaysia, far far away.

I have many many goals, most of which I would not tell most people. I want freedom. I want to travel. That's all I'm saying here.

So pick your poison and pour yourself a glass
I am a big fan of fashion photography, stock icons, photoshop extras, comics, tv shows and music.

These mistakes are just a part of the ride
I have nothing else to write so...My best friends are all not LJ uses. Two have no internet connection. One has no computer. One is too busy with competitions of every kind. One has 5 siblings to share one computer with. One hates going online. So I'm the only one here...*sad face*.

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